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ABN programs are focused on advancing our Members' professional development, business growth, and providing the building blocks necessary for advancement.  ABN programs are free of charge for all Members. 


One-to-One Connections


Getting to know someone One-to-One is key whether you're networking online or offline. We hope you make at least one great connection each time you attend one of our offline events so that you can develop that connection into a great relationship. Of course, our membership base is now spanning many states and countries and we don't expect everyone to make it to a physical event, SO, however you initially find each other, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO CONNECT WITH EACH OTHER on LinkedIn or Facebook after the initial meeting.


Make time for a coffee chat in person or a virtual one on Skype. Tell your stories. It's hard to trust people you don't know. Your resume or career factoids can only tell so much about what you're about and certainly very little about your personal qualities. So tell real stories about yourself and listen for them from your new connections. When you feel that you like and trust your new connection, think how you can be helpful to them in what they do or are looking for. You're bound to make a grateful and close connection, who will be more than happy to reciprocate. The depth and the density of connections in this network make it powerful and effective - and all this happens one quality connection at a time.  



Job Opportunities


We compiled some great information for you to learn how to really take advantage of both ABN and online resources such as LinkedIn and Facebook for your job searches and career advancement.


If you're looking for a short tutorial on freshening up your LinkedIn profile, watch this quick video:






















Here's another short tutorial "How to PIMP your LinkedIn profile" that covers a lot of great points for both recruiters and job applicants:





















To really understand the full range of LinkedIn tools at your disposal, leverage your and your contacts' networks and think like a recruiter so you can make an optimal impression, below are links to 2 seminars from LinkedIn itself that we recommend you watch. It is important that you do your homework not only on companies you're interested in or people you'd like to connect with, but that you also make a great presentation of your skills, interests and experience. Please make it a priority to update your LinkedIn profile and your resume before reaching out to contacts whether it's for further introductions or direct job search inquiries.


JOB SEARCH FUNDAMENTALS, Part 1  (Nov 2014)  (Download Slides)


JOB SEARCH FUNDAMENTALS, Part 2 (Nov 2014) (Download Slides)


Lastly, one of the key tools on LinkedIn is being able to contact people directly. However, with a free LinkedIn account you can only communicate with a person who is already your 1st connection or is in one of your groups. Otherwise, you would need to sign up for one of LinkedIn paid accounts and depending on the subscription plan you will be able to send direct InMail messages to people not in your groups or directly connected to you already.


One of the most critical things we can all do for each other is add as many Armenian professionals to the ABN's LinkedIn group as possible, which will allow us the opportunity to be able to connect with each other's contacts directly on LinkedIn or via an introduction through common ABN member connections. 



Job Postings and Placement Assistance


ABN platform is an open platform for sharing, so if you're looking to fill a position or are simply aware of a job opening, please visit our Facebook and LinkedIn group pages to share it:


  • Facebook: Job postings will appear in the general feed of posts on the ABN's closed group.


  • LinkedIn: If you are posting a job as an individual vs. your company posting as a paying LinkedIn member, it is best to post a job under "Discussions" tab in the ABN Group. First, go to ABN Group, click in the box next to your photo that says "Start a discussion or share something with the group ...", type / paste your content and click "Share".


We suggest you both leave your email as a part of the post and check back to see if fellow members left comments on your entry.  If you have a job opening and would like the ABN Team to filter the applicants, please contact us at with more information.  


We love hearing your good news, so please shoot us an email or leave us a testimonial to let us know if you got advice, a job, or a referral you were looking for! 





ABN hosts quarterly business networking events at Armenian owned or affiliated venues in an effort to bring our Members and guests together to share their career and business opportunities in an informal setting, fostering new introductions and strengthening their local Armenian professional connections.  



Business Workshops


We offer a variety of workshops throughout the year with expert presenters in career development, start-ups and business development.


Previous Workshops:

  • Techniques and Tips for Effectively Securing a Job

  • Use Your Speaking Voice to Improve Your Presentation Skills

  • Legal Seminar for Small Business Owners

  • Marketing Strategies - Tales from the Lemonade Stand

  • Become a Strategic Business Owner





Champion-an-Armenian is designed to assist Members seeking career opportunities, to find an advocate and mentor to assist with the the process of landing the next job,  career change, and professional development. Some of the elements of the program include:


  • Resume review

  • Facilitating one-to-one connections 

  • Recommendation via HR / hiring manager within a company

  • Professional references





Let us know if you're looking for a mentor in your industry or would like to offer mentorship to a fellow ABN Member, and we'll find you a match. Capitalizing on the collective strength of our community's expert know-how serves as the cornerstone for our Members' professional development success.  


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